Start the Scene - "Strike the Queen"

about the band

Recently in the studio is a group from Baltimore, MD called Start the Scene. Start the Scene is a post hardcore-ish group that packs a massive punch a throws a catchy hook. Having almost an entire new lineup of members, the band has developed their sound and are giving it a go. They just dropped their latest single on September 26th, 2016 titled "Strike the Queen". The audio was done fully in house at Dreamcatcher Studio start to finish.


drew kramer

If you're in the Baltimore local music scene you might know of Start the Scene's singer / guitarist Drew Kramer.  Maybe you've seen his bald head popping around at a venue or two. Drew and I have known each other for many years and he's been very helpful in assisting in the development of my audio techniques. Through our experiences, we've grown a great relationship by taking our passion pursuing it professionally.

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