Noise Creators

I'm very excited to share a few updates!

Not long ago, As mentioned previously,  a track produced by Dreamcatcher Studio was remixed and released on Spinnin' Records. Shortly after, I had the amazing opportunity to spend some time and produce a song for a band signed to Victory Records. What an experience!

Finally to top it off, Dreamcatcher Studio was mentioned in an article of the local Baltimore Sun newspaper.

With these experiences I am humbly motivated to work with artists as a part of Dreamcatcher Studio to push their next project towards the professional level. 

Jesse Cannon

From learning about the music industry to the skills involved, you will come across Jesse Cannon

I began following Jesse after I looked into the production team of some of my favorite records. For some of you Baltimorons, this dude recorded Animal Collective! He's been very involved in so many aspects of the business which makes him extremely valuable. 

One of the more recent projects Jesse Cannon has been involved in is something called Noise Creators.

What is Noise Creators?

Noise Creators is an online marketplace intended to match bands and artists with producers that best fit their needs. The team behind it all consists of Johnny Minardi, Evan Couture, Jesse Cannon, and Bruce Edwards. You can read up on each contributor here

I believe as a producer, you have two jobs. You CAPTURE the best performance, and you TRANSLATE the artists image. Music producers may have their own secret sauce, but they won't always fit the recipe.

Music producers may have their own secret sauce, but they won’t always fit the recipe.

Noise Creators is taking an evolving industry, and creating an opportunity to make the absolute best of what is brought to the table. 

Your pennies just became 110% better invested. It's about time a band can go online, find a producer, and swipe right. 


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