Dan Macon

Drummer Dan Macon of Frederick, MD joins Dreamcatcher Studio to perform his rendition of "'Til It's Over" by Anderson .Paak. 

Typically, when you enter a studio, a rush of feelings engulf you. You may feel nervous, and intimidated, or you may feel inspired and excited. Walking into Dreamcatcher Studio, I felt right at home. I felt nothing but positivity and encouragement during the recording process. I left that day feeling motivated, and excited. I felt like I could accomplish any task. Working with Donny was not only fun, but very insightful. I left with more knowledge about life than I did when I entered. Donny Is an incredible audio engineer, as someone who has worked with many producers, I will confidently place Donny at the top. To anyone considering, working with Dreamcatcher Studio, don’t consider, just do it. You wont have any regrets at all.
— Dan Macon


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